Hey there! I'm Heather.  I'm thrilled to meet you. I'm a freelance Talent Management  Consultant. I have a unique perspective because I've been both the employer and employee. My passion is helping companies find talent that aligns with their mission and goals. I also provide guidance to individuals who are seeking companies and work, that trully fulfills them. Shouldn't everyone get to enjoy what they contribute to the world?! 


Spending years in various corporate environments has taught us one thing. I do human resources better and save you money & time. Leveraging my social services experience, or the human aspect of what we do, we connect people with career resources and human resources processes by linking them together with innovative leadership.  Creating impactful environments for organizations, employees and ultimately communities across the globe, is how I help others realize the impact they make in the world through the work they perform each day. 


Every Contrubution Matters

I help small to mid-size companies manage thier greatest asset, human capital. We all know how expensive recruiting, on-boarding, training and employee engagement can be, but are we putting the right processes in place to manintain retention? Let me ask you this, have you ever felt any of the following: 

  • Completely overwhelmed at how to carve out the time to build relationships with existing team members
  • Frustrated that your budget doesn't match your need when it comes to recruting and talent management
  • Guilty for not having the time to give your team the tools they need for success

If you answered "Yes" to any of these than keep reading...



After careful review of current practices and proceses, I help teams develop a system that reflects complany values to find the best talent. From recruitment through on-boarding my program saves your company time and money.


Targets Skills Training Groups

You've be hired, congratulations! Now what? My targeted skills training groups allows you to sharpen your technical and soft skills in a safe enviroment. This helps employees and employers save time while creating a more cohesive team that is effictive. 



You're company is going another direction or for whatever reason you need to make changes in your team. Perhaps you don't have the captial yet to provide a severance package.  My off-boarding program offers value to the employees by giving them tools to find re-employment as soon as possible. 


Talent Management



I had the privilege of working with Heather Bischoff over the past few years within a virtual team environment. Not only is she personable, caring, and kind, she is professional, smart, and intuitive. Heather expects and inspires greatness in those with whom she works. She encouraged and coached me to step out of my comfort zone to try something new. From the experience, I grew professionally and overcame a personal fear. She was able to see and encourage potential in me that, without her expertise, would have remained undiscovered. Let Heather help you to think and achieve bigger and better than you ever imagined!

Rebecca Rogers, MA, LPC, NCC

Sanborn, NY






Heather has done an outstanding job in this position and has been a huge asset to our organization, leading a virtual team of 50+. Heather was extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. In her role, Heather assists our corporate Human Resources Director and HR team with daily administrative HR tasks, Onboarding, I-9’s, E-verify, Benefits/Open Enrollment, Layoffs, disciplinary actions including write-ups and terminations for all Patriot Solutions employees. She works closely with the VP of Service Coordination to embody the mission of the organization.

Heather has a wonderful relationship and excellent rapport with management and employees alike and has acted as the liaison between the both successfully. She understands the concept of being a strategic business partner. Heather will be deeply missed within our organization. She would be a strong suit for any organization and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. 

D. Davis, VP of Service Coordination NHE Inc.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
— Kenneth Blanchard