Interview Process


Our Mission

My company exists to bring together innovative human resources processes combined with strategic social service techniques to build seamless integrations virtually and in real time. This is achieved through tactical on-boarding and proven accountability methods to deliver the kind of results that galvanize communities and impact the bottom line the way clients demand. 

Our Vison

I believe in creating professional communities around the world where the skilled workforce is engaged, committed, highly productive and performs tasks with integrity. 

Who We Are

Bischoff Consulting provides real talent management to businesses. Many human resource departments are really business resource units. My unique perspective of human resources, connects the human with the resources both professionally and personally. I start strong from recruiting through the interview process to tailored on-boarding and performance management. While I can work with most groups my expertise is with virtual teams, where I build a powerful sense of community to engage innovative companies with the workforce. Working directly with organizations for over a decade has allowed me to show you how to get the results you're looking for without the hassle. 




Virtual Teams

We can take you from start to finish with virtual teams. 

Handpicking the best talent with tailored on-boarding to help

you meet your goals.

Plus I'll maintain or help you create your company culutre.





Helping you reach your goals with Virtual Teams is our business


I develop & manage teams for your projects. 

You get the results you've been looking to achieve.